Lisa K. Lock has covered a lot of territory within a very short time of being in Cleveland; she brings to us a rich landscape of dance experience, in performance, teaching, and choreography. “There is so much opportunity in Cleveland. It is absolutely wonderful to see so much appreciation for dance here.” Lisa says. “I really like the slower lifestyle; I now have the luxury to think.”

Native of Switzerland, Lisa’s journey in the US began in 1985 in Columbus Ohio, dancing for Stuarts Pimsler Dance and Theater Company. From Columbus, Ms. Lock moved to Austin Texas, were she preformed with Kay Braden, a nationally recognized choreographer. Then she moved to San Francisco and Honolulu. From 1985 through 2006 Lisa has been studying and performing, receiving her BFA and MFA in Dance from the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles. She taught ballet, pointe, modern, choreography, and contemporary jazz throughout the University and private studio systems in greater Los Angeles. Among them were Edge Performing Arts Center in Hollywood, Rozann-Zimmerman Ballet Center, the Oakley Ballet Center, and the Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts. Lisa K. Lock took part in Ingenuity 2007 performing the premiere of her “Suspended Vision.”The work is said to be part of “The Gravity Well Movement,” a computer-generated installation. “All my life I sought out teachers with difficult classes,” Lisa says. This enriched her life and her love to teach other students.

Lisa has more interest now in contemporary ballet and wants to stay away from the fairies, elves and swans; she wants to develop subject matter that focuses on dancer individualism, giving dancers a voice that is more personal, using the ballet vocabulary to communicate that. “I just get a kick out of them when they advance. That is very rewarding. I want to give something back; I want to help them achieve more.” Lisa is now preparing for her next season with Cleveland Public Theatre’s Dance Series 2008.  


by ron shelton